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September 22, 2017

Here are some links to other sites you may find educational or informative.

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Favorite Web Sites

Bible & Religious Research

While we do not agree with every teaching of the following websites, we have found some of their research to be helpful and insightful. As when reading any church literature, we should prove all things.

Bethel Church of God - A church that also keeps a Monday Pentecost. Good articles on Pentecost, D&R, The Faith Once Delivered, the Hebrew Calendar and others. You have to do a little searching on this site to find all the articles, but they have some good ones. Click on the "Categories" tab and drill down using the top level list. Or once you find a specific topic, look at the "Related Articles" at the bottom of the page. For instance to find the article on the Hebrew Calendar, click on the "Holy Days" tab and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Church of God, The Eternal - Another Monday Pentecost keeping church. Articles on Pentecost, marriage, tithing, Holy Days, revelation of truth, and so forth.

Other Associations

Redline Construction Santa Rosa - Scott built this website for his friend and general contractor who is rebuilding his home after the October 2017 Santa Rosa Tubbs fire.